Secrets to Better Songwriting Courses Classes by Songwriter Dave Caruso

Songwriting Courses

In this inspiring collection of songwriting courses, I'll share the tips, insight and resources you'll need to turn your ideas into songs.  Every week we'll explore, discuss, write and perform music while helping you become a better songwriter. 
-- Dave Caruso

Songwriting Essentials
(Experience is optional.)  Unlock your songwriting potential with creative instruction, live demonstration and in-class writing assignments. Students will have the opportunity to complete one or more songs during the course.

Creative Songwriting
(Intermediate-Advanced.)  Take your songwriting to the next level with creative instruction, songwriting assignments and live performance. This course will focus on what makes songs memorable.

Collaborative Songwriting
(Intermediate-Advanced.)  Expand your collaborative songwriting skills with creative instruction, live demonstration, writing assignments and in-class performance. Co-write words and music with classmates and the instructor with partners and teams.

Music Theory & Ear Training for Songwriters
(Having a piano keyboard at home is recommended.)  Understand how scales, intervals and chords apply to melody, harmony and chord changes.  The more you know about how music works, the more tools you'll develop to use in your songwriting.

Rewriting to Improve Your Songs
(Intermediate-Advanced.)  Free yourself from the perceived constraints of your early and unfinished drafts.  This course will let you rewrite your songwriting heroes, rewrite your own material and learn the secrets to how I've rewritten mine.  We'll focus on making your songwriting more adaptable, flexible and easy.

Songwriting CSI
Each week we'll investigate the words and music to a variety of killer songs
and apply some of the techniques we uncover to new songs by participating members of the class.

Arranging for Songwriters

This course is all about the presentation of your songs.  As we cover the elements of style, instrumentation, arrangement and music production, we'll apply these techniques to your own songs that you choose to share with the class.

Promoting and Marketing Your Songs
Get your music heard and noticed!  A detailed look at how to promote your songs on web sites & social media, plus how to submit music to reviewers, blogs, radio shows & podcasts. Includes a crash course in graphics.

Write 7 Songs in 8 Weeks

(Intermediate-Advanced.)  Compose a song on a different assigned topic every week.  Brainstorm your premise and develop your song form during class.  Play your song the following week and get immediate, constructive feedback.

Each registrant will receive a folder to fill with handouts, examples and assignments from every week of class.  Missed materials can be picked up the following week or received via email.  Courses are offered in a classroom setting at:

Asher School
14101 Leroy St. / Southgate, MI  48195
Southgate Community Education
Fall & Winter semesters, 8-week courses

Register by phone: 734.246.4633

and at:

Dearborn High School
19501 W Outer Dr / Dearborn, MI 48124
Dearborn Community Education
Spring semester, 6-week courses
Register by phone: 313.827.1959