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Learn Piano

Wherever I perform, people approach me after the show, saying they'd wished they'd taken music lessons or not quit them so early.

Learning a new instrument and playing music is fun!  But it also takes time and a certain amount of commitment.  The most effective way to develop your musical abilities is to hire a music teacher to:

  • Set goals and deadlines, then help you reach them

  • Coach you weekly, offering support & encouragement

  • Share decades of music experience, guide you to faster improvement

  • Help you learn pop music by the artists you love

  • Make learning less solitary and more fun

Give me a call and let's get started!

Dave Caruso, Instructor

 All levels, age 5 to Adult 

In person at my Trenton, MI studio
or Online with Facebook or Zoom

 FREE custom pop sheet music,
fun learning printables, &
stickers for young, in-person students


Member, Music Teachers National Association
30+ yrs teaching experience, full-time musician
Award-winning songwriter
Songwriting instructor, Southgate Comm. Ed.
Songwriting instructor, Dearborn Comm. Ed.
Creator & Host of the Songwriter Stories podcast
MSBOA Accompanist: Trenton & Gibraltar schools
Chamber Accompanist: Grosse Ile schools
U of M music program, THS concert & jazz bands
Recording Artist, albums at iTunes & Amazon
College touring band: CARUSO (12 years)


Don't waste a perfectly good piano.  Learn to play it!