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Dave Caruso is an award-winning songwriter, recording artist and music educator from Detroit, Michigan.  His influences include: Elvis Costello, Andrew Gold, Neil Finn, Difford & Tilbrook, Del Amitri, Ben Folds, Brian Wilson, Todd Rundgren and The Beatles.

At age 14, Dave wrote his first song.  While still in high school, he won awards for his songs in the American Music Conference (2nd place) and the American Song Festival.

As the primary songwriter and front man fueling the power pop band "CARUSO," Dave and his three brothers, Mike, Joe and Rob performed for thousands of audiences in the U.S. and Canada,  earning them a national corporate sponsorship with the prestigious Miller Rock Network and tracks on two nationally released RCA Records compilation albums.  CARUSO's single, "London," appeared on the playlists of college radio stations all across the Midwest.

Dave's distinctive songwriting on his album "Elizabeth Parker" received glowing reviews from the pop music community.  His 2014 album, "Cardboard Vegas Roundabout," is a self-produced tour de force of sparkling sunshine pop, jangly power pop and soulful ballads about identity, loss, home, friendship, hope, and the perils of social media.  

Caruso created a series of eight-week songwriting courses which are offered periodically in a classroom setting in downriver-Detroit, Michigan.  These courses represent nearly 100 hours of inspiring content, providing an opportunity for songwriters of all proficiencies to benefit from Dave's decades of job experience with writing, collaborating, arranging, recording, producing, promoting, and much more.  He's also the creator and host of "Songwriter Stories," a music discovery podcast featuring fascinating interviews with talented songwriters about the craft and process of songwriting.

Dave's latest solo LP, Buddha Pesto Manifesto, climbed to the number one album spot on Phil Maq's Theme Attic radio show on WHFR-FM.  Having appeared on the "Best of 2017" lists of several power pop reviewers, bloggers and music connoisseurs, BPM has been praised as Caruso's career-defining album.  It's available at, iTunes, Amazon and more.