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 In the Face 35th Anniversary Deluxe
2023 expanded reissue from the CARUSO Band

Favorite EPs, Reissued & Redis-covered Albums & Singles of  2023
Power Pop Overdose

"What a fantastic piece of 80s pop!  Highly recommended! Grab a copy at Bandcamp.  I don't think they will be around long."
Curt Vance / Power Pop Overdose

"Three and a half decades since the world missed a great opportunity to have the songs of the CARUSO brothers - Dave, Rob, Joe and Mike - invading their homes through the airwaves, making everyone sing together and have a better day.

The EP released by the band Caruso in 1987, In The Face brought four radio friendly songs of the first magnitude, perfectly tailored to climb the charts, notably "London" and "Young And Tender".

The commemorative CD edition, In The Face: 35th Anniversary Deluxe brings, in addition to the EP 2023 stereo re-masters, live tracks, remixes and bonus tracks, making the sound more crystal clear and forceful.

The CARUSOs could have achieved pop stardom in the 1980's. And if you're a fan of melodic pop, make In The Face (35th Anniversary Deluxe) #1 on your home charts."

Paolo Milea / Power Pop Station

"Dave Caruso has had a pretty darn good solo career specializing in intelligent, catchy pop. His past three LPs, 2020’s Radiophonic Supersonic, 2017’s Buddha Pesto Manifesto and 2014’s Cardboard Vegas Roundabout all wound up on year-end best of lists. And yet, I knew little about Dave’s beginnings. That is, until In the Face.

Celebrating the record’s 35th anniversary, Dave and his brothers Rob, Joe and Mike have chosen to reissue In the Face, giving longtime fans a chance to relive memories – and others the opportunity to discover what they inexplicably missed the first go ‘round. Remastered and with bonus tracks, In the Face (35th Anniversary Deluxe) consists of 17 tracks of 80’s style guitar pop delivered with a smooth, irrepressible cool.

She’s a Sensation features the brothers’ vocal deftness and a Cars-like underpinning. The punchy Going Places is vintage 80’s powerpop and a great deal of fun.  If it’s a musical confection you crave – a sonic burst of harmony wrapped in a chocolaty pop-punk shell, the live recording of Another Girl is sure to do the trick.

As good as these tracks are, the big payoff is the opening track. London instantly sounds familiar despite the fact that I’d never heard it before. Propelled by percussive whips reminiscent of so many 80’s hits, London kicks into overdrive with the brothers delivering stellar vocals. It has all the earmarks of a hit. A BIG one. And it makes you wonder why the band wasn’t signed to a major label.'
Richard Rossi / Power Pop News [Full Review]

Radiophonic Supersonic
The 2020 album from Dave Caruso

#1 Album 11/17/23

Phil Maq's Theme Attic / WHFR-FM

#8 Best Power Pop Album of 2020
Powerpop News

Top 10 Songs of 2020
(Little Miss Sunshine)
Hop On Power Pop

Top 15 Essential Albums of 2020
Chasing the Essential

#19 Best Power Pop Album of 2020
Power Pop Station

#23 Top 100 Albums of 2020
Absolute Powerpop

Top 25 Album & EP Faves of 2020
Indie Pop Takeout

#34 Best Albums of 2022
Phil Maq's Theme Attic / WHFR-FM

Top 50 Albums of 2020
Pop Forever

#56 Albums of the Year 2020
I Don't Hear a Single

"Caruso’s latest release, Radiophonic Supersonic, continues to showcase his songwriting talents. The melodies seem to come easy to him, and they flow naturally from his head as if he’s taking dictation. Take, for instance, the opening track, Little Miss Sunshine. The song is as bright as its title as it goes through several key changes to reach stratospheric levels of happiness. ...Caruso shows a fascinating ability to create memorable melodies to unforgettable chord progressions, and the result is a set of songs that stay embedded in your brain hours after you hear them. ...An exceptional album that leaves you wanting more.
Peter Lee / Hooks and Harmony [Full Review]

"Dave Caruso has a special gift that he has been sharing with us... Radiophonic Supersonic is the physical record of Caruso's skill in building perfect pop songs. 10 tracks with melodies carefully tailored to stick to your affective memory, as in Little Miss Sunshine.  Heavenly harmonies piled with mastery, layer upon layer just to elevate you towards the divine, like in Tuesday's Gone.  And Caruso's stories are told in clever and insightful lyrics, in his sweet and adorable voice. Allied to the brilliance of the compositions, are the stars Brad Jones, in the mix and Andy Reed in the mastering."
Paolo Milea / Power Pop Station

"a 10-song, radio-friendly batch of hit-single-worthy tracks... On this release that has garnered boatloads of acclaim from the melodic pop community, Dave has continued his strong winning streak... Radiophonic Supersonic is a triumphant winner."
Alan Haber / Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio [Full Review]

"Mixing Dave’s stuff was a joy — such beautiful melodies and smart lyrics. His playing and ideas are so colorful and hooky, that whenever he’d send over a new track to mix, it was like opening a cool little box of sounds, hooks, and surprises. Working remotely, I got to know him not just from our phone calls, but from his songs, too. Close your eyes and there is the man at the mic, telling his story."
Brad Jones / Nashville Songwriter & Producer

"Detroit’s Dave Caruso creates such pretty pop songs on his recent album, Radiophonic Supersonic, reminding me of 10cc mixed with more than a little Macca. The Drop perfectly captures his careful attention to song arrangements, juxtaposing some crunchy rhythm guitar with low key sweet vocals."
Dennis Pilon / Poprock Record - Songs With a Hook
[Full Review]

"I knew it would be a great Pop Rock album, but more than that, the influences are widely spread.  Catchy verses are linked to memorable choruses, never more so on I Won't Wait For You.  For all [its] variety, the home runs are when the catchy Pop rings out.  A Piece Of The Action' is great US Pop Rock and the outstanding Little Miss Sunshine is a beauty of a song.  It is very California Harmonic Pop with little hints of Toytown.  Throwing Out My Baby With The Bassinet is a great closer, a real 20's / 30's Ragtime joy.  All in all, Radiophonic Supersonic is a more than great listen."
Don Valentine / I Don't Hear a Single [Full Review]

"Radiophonic Supersonic is Dave Caruso’s latest work and his best to date... There are an abundance of “single” worthy songs here... Atomic Smile is both uber-catchy and very, very clever. “Indelible” will transport you right back to 60’s AM radio.  On Little Miss Sunshine, Caruso channels his inner Elvis Costello with one of the most engaging songs of 2020. It’s bouncy, radio friendly guitar pop with a big payoff – a chorus that you can’t help but sing along to. Brilliant.  ...Expect Radiophonic Supersonic to appear in our end-of-year top power pop albums – Highly Recommended."
Richard Rossi / Power Pop News [Full Review]

"Although it didn’t arrive until early December, Radiophonic Supersonic still made a number of 2020 best power pop album lists.  If I had compiled such a list, it might well have cracked my top 25 — a notable achievement in what was a strong year for the power pop genre."
Alan Sculley / The Morning Call [Full Review]

"A new artist for me and I am grateful I found him.  He has a soaring pop voice, the kind I can’t get enough of.  Some great tunes that stay with you. Listen: 'Little Miss Sunshine,' 'The Boy Wonders,' 'Throwing Out My Baby With The Bassinet.'"
Gene Good / Pop Forever [Review]

Buddha Pesto Manifesto
Dave's 2017 solo album

#1 Album 10/21/18

10 wks on the Top 10 albums chart
Phil Maq's Theme Attic / WHFR-FM

#9 Power Pop Album of 2017
Power Pop News

Top 13 Essential Tracks for 2017
(The Girl Who Checks All the Boxes)
Chasing the Essential

#17 Top Albums of 2017
Power Pop Station

18 Favorite Albums of 2017
Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio

#32 Album of 2018
Phil Maq's Theme Attic / WHFR-FM

#60 Top 100 of 2017
Absolute Powerpop

"That Caruso is able to negotiate the waters of decision in his lyrics while painting delicious landscapes with his melodic brush is a testament to his skill as a writer and performer. He is on his own in these 10 songs, playing all of the instruments and singing all of the vocals. Aided masterfully by Andy Reed, who mixed and mastered, bringing each element of these songs to glorious life, Caruso has made a career-defining album stocked deep with catchy songs."
Alan Haber / Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio  [Full Review]

"Caruso has a slick pop sound informed by Elvis Costello, Squeeze, and of course The Beatles and he puts those influences to good use in Boomer, Jenna & Lennie (which also reminds me of Mark Bacino), Hanging With You (which could be a Beatles '65 outtake), and God's Green Acre (a lovely chamber-pop ballad). Elsewhere, Caruso's gift for Costello-like wordplay comes to the fore with Punctuating Shatner.  But Caruso's appeal on this album can be summed up by the title of one of its better tracks, The Girl Who Checks All the Boxes, as he checks all the boxes when it comes to fans of smart, melodic adult pop."
Stephen Ferra / Absolute Powerpop  [Full Review]

"While there are more than a few very worthy tracks here, the standout single for me is The Girl Who Checks All The Boxes.  A whopping hook from start to finish, [It's] not only catchy has hell, it’s lyrically brilliant in its simplicity. It’s one of those songs that you hear and say to yourself Damn, I wish I wrote that."  GET IT.
Richard Rossi / Power Pop News  [Full Review]

A Perfect Album
"Each song has its own earworm – some with several.  ...It’s the hallmark of a good pop song, and Caruso has managed to do it not once but 10 times. 
I Get to Make You Laugh [is] a perfect ending to a perfect album. Buddha Pesto Manifesto is one of the top listens of 2017 so far – there’s not a bad apple in the bunch."
Peter Lee / Hooks & Harmony  [Full Review]

A Must-Have
“I highly recommend Buddha Pesto Manifesto. All original compositions, written, arranged, recorded and performed by Dave. If you love pop music, it's a must-have.”
Jeff Grzywinski / Co-Host of Strange Magic on Rewind 94.3

Highly Recommended
"Caruso teases you on 'Go Ahead (Don’t Listen)' an Elvis Costello-like rocker, and it then draws you into his world with his soft and inviting vocal.  What follows is the brilliant pop narrative Boomer, Jenna & Lennie, a nostalgic story that recalls Andrew Gold mixed with Brian Wilson-styled vocals.  Each track is a wonderful surprise from the hymn-like harpsichord pop of  God’s Green Acre to the 80’s style power pop of Getting Involved and Allendale.  There is plenty of humorous wordplay with the Punctuating Shatner, and the heartbreaking I Get To Make Her Laugh will make you think about all those class clowns who are crying on the inside. Not a wasted note here and Highly Recommended."

Aaron Kupferberg / Powerpopaholic  [Full Review]

"Boomer, Jenna & Lennie" is the first single off Dave's 2017 album, Buddha Pesto Manifesto.  Melodic Pop Connoisseur, Alan Haber calls it "a classic, ever-so-catchy Eric Carmen-styled number about negotiating life’s path and the ups and downs that are presented along the way. Light, percussive piano, electric guitar stabs and a sumptuous melody propel this song to the top of the pops."

The 2015 Single from "Cardboard Vegas Roundabout"

Satisfying Pure Pop
"I found the first jewel of the year: Dave Caruso's Champion.  Highly tuneful.  Like eating frosting straight from the jar.  
Splattered throughout the song are Beach Boys harmonies – even the “ba, ba ba ba” that the Beach Boys were known for and a high-pitched “wooo” that would make Brian Wilson swoon.  Caruso has a knack for melody and harmony."
Peter Lee / Hooks & Harmony  [Full Review]

Cardboard Vegas Roundabout
The 2014 album by Dave Caruso

#6 Best Albums of 2014
Pop That Goes Crunch

#7 Best Songs of 2014
(The Art of Erica)
Pop That Goes Crunch

Rating: 9 Out of 10
Glory Daze Music

#10 of the 17 Most-Played Songs of 2015
(Your Fake Friends)
This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio

21 Favorite Records of 2014
Alan Haber's PurePop Radio

Potential Classics of the Past 10 Years
(Your Fake Friends)
Chasing the Essential

Best of 2014
Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More

Top 60 Favorite Songs of the Decade,
(Your Fake Friends)
Chasing the Essential

#75 Best Albums of 2014
International Pop Overthrow

Highly Recommended
"An expected pleasure.  Dave
really has the vocal technique honed on his Beach Boys tribute, ChampionCaruso’s guitar pop hits a winner with Your Fake Friends, a jangle-tastic single Another big highlight is the Elvis Costello-like ballad, The Art of Erica."
Aaron Kupferberg / The Powerpopaholic 
[Full Review]

Highly Recommended
"Every once in awhile, I have the pleasure of listening to a real winner, and this is the first one of the new year.  There is a lot of variety in Caruso's songwriting, and his pleasant voice is up to the task of switching gears whenever necessary."
Dan Pavelich / Kenosha News

"Ten finely crafted tunes.  Caruso lays down some of the most complex vocal arrangements of the year, and succeeds over-and-over again.  Tasty songcraft."
Jeffrey Raskin / Host, The Big Show & Program Dir., Pop That Goes Crunch
  [Full Review]

"Dave’s miracle of an album is one of the best releases of this or any year... Magnificent sound.  Lovely, melodic songs. Crafted with care.  Sharp musicianship and gorgeous, multi-part harmonies.  I am in love, love, love with Dave’s music.
Alan Haber / Program Director, PurePop Radio  [Review #1]  [Review #2]

"Cardboard Vegas Roundabout is worthy of the praise it's getting among the power pop intelligentsia.  The music is fresh, catchy and above all original.  Caruso is no slouch in the lyric department either, with writing that is often poignant, introspective and topical."
Eric Abrahamsen / Glory Daze Music

"Dave Caruso delivers tunes and lyrics that will draw you in, play with your emotions, and satisfy all your musical cravings. Cracking stuff indeed!"
Wayne Lundqvist Ford / Host, Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More Show on Radio Andra and Pop That Goes Crunch Radio

A Slice of Pure Pop Bliss
"Dave Caruso is a primo purveyor of elegantly crafted sunshine pop. Fresh and ultra-listenable from start to finish.  Pitch-perfect vocal arrangements and songs with flowing melodies and neat little lyrical asides." 
John M. Borack / as reviewed in Goldmine Magazine and reprinted in his music guide, "Shake Some Action 2.0," documenting some of the best power pop albums from 1970 to 2017.
[Full Review]

Like Having Dinner at the Vatican With the Pope
"Cardboard Vegas Roundabout is fresh, original and engaging.  One of my favorites, The Art of Erica, reminds me a bit of Elvis Costello. The jangle-pop of Your Fake Friends will surely please the most discerning of powerpop fans. Other standout tracks: Champion, I’ve Tried To Write You and It's a Great Day for The Angels.
Richard Rossi / Power Pop News  [Full Review]

Elizabeth Parker Revisited
remastered from Dave's 2004 EP, "Elizabeth Parker"

Very Best Songs About Detroit, Michigan
(Elizabeth Parker)
Destination Soundtrack [Complete List]

Pop Craft of a High Order
Caruso demonstrates pop craft of a high order here. The title track is the standout, a jangly treat that would have fit it perfectly on The Red Button's 2007 album of the yearI'm going to have to make a judgment call on whether this one qualifies for the 2009 EP list, because on merit alone it's a gimme."
Absolute Powerpop

Instantly Catchy and Accessible
"...Sunny, chiming guitar melodies that are instantly catchy and accessible. The songcraft is top notch, a perfect example is the Elvis Costello sounding title track Elizabeth Parker. The next gem is I Can’t Be On Time, a finely tuned slice of 80’s styled power pop.  The bossa nova ballad If I Died Today and strong guitar riffs of Letter To My Ex round out the album. An excellent addition to your music collection."
Powerpopaholic  [Full Review]

"Before releasing Cardboard Vegas Roundabout, Dave recorded [Elizabeth Parker,] an EP that is just as captivating. We’re playing four songs in rotation: the title track, I Can’t Be On Time, If I Died Today, and Letter to My Ex.  A double dose of Dave Caruso will do you good!"
Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio  [Full Review]

Brill Building-esque
"Elvis Costello Alert!  Here's a guy that knows his way around a pop song!  He delivers five
Brill Building-esque pop nuggets."
Kool Kat Musik

Vivid Colors
" island of vivid colors amidst the sea of black & monotonous pop music today."
Powerpop Station

Payoff is Big
"Great EP for pure pop fans!  Payoff is big if you are a fan of early Costello, Squeeze and Joe Jackson."
Not Lame Records