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Appearing with Rick Springfield


Left to Right: Mike Caruso, Dave Caruso, Joe Caruso, Walter Anthony,
Chris Mondon (cousin and crew), Rick Springfield (sport jacket), Rob Caruso

Dave:  "On July 12, 1981, we were booked for a midday, outdoor concert in Downtown Detroit, sponsored by Detroit's CKLW radio, for the CKLW Chiquita International Fitness Ride.  It was also in celebration of radio personality Dick Purtan's 45th birthday (on the previous day).

Before the show, we got a call from somebody at the station. They explained that Rick Springfield was coming to town and wanted to make an appearance onstage during our show to plug his breakout album, 'Working Class Dog.'  I was 20 years old that year.  Springfield was 32.  Somebody suggested we learn 'Jessie's Girl,' in case Rick wanted to sing it with us."

Joe: "We were already performing the song in our show at that time.  We went to our local music store (Renier Music in Trenton) and asked to borrow a Gretch guitar, which we found out was the same kind of guitar we saw Springfield using.  Our lead guitarist, Wally Piotrowski (a.k.a. Walter Anthony) set up the intonation and tuned it."
Rob: "I couldn't sleep the night before because I was so excited. I wondered whether I'd be able to survive the music business, because every night before we played a big event, I could never get any sleep.  When Rick's car arrived, someone got out of the car and approached the stage to tell us it was time.  Then Rick got out of the car and walked onstage.  He shook our hands, talked to the audience and signed autographs--But didn't play a single note.  After that experience, I never lost sleep before a gig again."
Mike: "It was a fun, summer day.  I don't think Springfield even had a band together, yet.  He was prepping the market with a series of appearances. He made some kind of comment about liking our Beatles cover on his way to the stage. Somehow, we got him to take a photo with us; our first one with a big star."

Mike Caruso (shaking hands with Rick), Walter Anthony (behind Mike),
Joe Caruso & Chris Mondon (center)

Rick Springfield Hits (Billboard)
Jessie's Girl
(#1, 1981)
I've Done Everything for You (#8, 1981)
Love is Alright Tonight (#20, 1981)
Don't Talk to Strangers (#2, 1982)
Affair of the Heart (#9, 1983)
Love Somebody (#5, 1984)
"My parents use to drive my sisters and I all over to your concerts back in the mid 80's.  Actually the first time they saw you guys was in 81 at the Chiquita Banana Bike ride with Rick Springfield.  I saw many of your shows.  It's nice to see you are still in the business.

I know you did many shows, don't even know if you remember us girls.  There were 5 of us and usually a bunch of girl friends with us.  I am the 3rd oldest which makes me 31 years old currently.  My mother use to drive us all over to see your shows. My favorite was always the Livonia Spree, because we would go early, for the carnival."

My sisters' both had scrap books of pictures and old concert schedules, letters and things from you guys. Posters all over the walls, even though Dad wasn't too thrilled, my Mom always ran interference. My Dad even ended up at a few of your shows before too long.

It's really funny, 13 years ago I had to write my senior lit. term paper, it was years at that point since I had been to a show, (wasn't old enough to get in bars). I had to write about modern day romantic literature. I actually used Emerald City and Class Song as the basis for my paper and I got an A! 

I am really hoping to get out to your show. I was all over the website reading everything. It was a nice trip down memory lane."