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  • 1st paid engagement

  • 1st local press: "Brothers Form Band"

  • 1st public performance, at the Trenton Theatre, in their home town of Trenton, MI

  • In September, Mike, Joe and Dave attend Trenton High School together.  Mike is a senior, Joe's a sophomore and Dave's a freshman.  In the THS Marching band, Mike plays trumpet, Joe plays clarinet and Dave plays snare drum.

  • Dave, who has been writing songs since middle school, registers his first music copyright

  • 3 live CARUSO performances this year

Photo (l-r): Joe, Rob, Dave and Mike Caruso

  • First promotional photo session at Elizabeth Park in Trenton.

  • The brothers get their first van and start purchasing music equipment instead of renting.  Rob gets his first (and only) professional drum kit.

  • Mike, the oldest member of the band, graduates from Trenton HS and enrolls at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

  • 15 live CARUSO performances this year

Photo - Railing (l-r): Rob, Joe, Mike and Dave Caruso
Photo - Jumping (l-r): Mike, Dave, Rob, Joe
Shirts by Debbie Lawrence


1st Single:
"The Fastest Song Ever Written" /
"What Time Is It Now?"

  • Dave finishes 6 years of piano lessons.

  • Joe graduates from Trenton High School.  He chooses Central Michigan University, where he earns a position as drum major in the CMU marching band.

Photo 1 (l-r): Joe, Dave (with guitar),
Rob (bottom) and Mike Caruso
Photo - Playground (l-r): Mike, Joe, Dave, Rob


2nd Single:
"The Game" /
"Rainy Day Lullaby"

  • CARUSO plays at the Michigan State Fair

  • The band is now performing mostly at wedding receptions and private parties.  (Dave Caruso: "Two of us were still under-age for playing in bars.")

  • CARUSO begins featuring "The Auctioneer," a barbershop quartet song, in their live show

  • While attending school at CMU, Joe is diagnosed with testicular cancer.  After a long, torturous combination of chemotherapy and surgery, he eventually gets a clean bill of health. Luckily, due to the band's light schedule, Joe only misses one gig while recuperating.

  • 21 live CARUSO performances this year

Photo - Barbershop (l-r): Joe, Rob, Dave and Mike Caruso
Photo 2 (l-r): Joe, Mike, Mickey (Dad), Rob, Dave
Shirts by Debbie Lawrence.


3rd Single:
"Class Song" /
"What've We Got to Lose?"


"Sometimes an artist perfectly nails a concept, an emotion, or a shared experience, and does it so well that it is lauded almost universally by all who come in contact with it.  There are examples in film, literature, and other art forms, but we found our own particular masterpiece in Class Song." --Phil Preston

  • Dave writes "Class Song," which is selected as the class song for senior class the 1979

  • 1st High School show, at Bishop
    Gallagher in Detroit, MI

  • Dave graduates from Trenton High School, plays "Class Song" at his commencement ceremony

  • 31 live performances this year

Photo (l-r): Rob, Mike, Joe (bottom right) and Dave Caruso


4th Single:
"Someday" /
"Quit Your Foolin'"

  • After a string of short-term lead guitarists, Wally Piotrowski (a.k.a. Walter Anthony) is CARUSO's first to be hired for the job on a full-time basis

  • High School dances begin to dominate the band's schedule

  • First of many band posters

  • Dave attends the University of Michigan-Dearborn, with a music scholarship from Trenton HS.  He studies music and English.

  • 66 live performances this year

Photo (l-r): Joe, Mike, Dave and Rob Caruso


Lost Single:
"Heart Says Go" /
"I've Tried To Write You"

  • CKLW Detroit Radio DJ Johnny Williams produces two songs with CARUSO at Ambience Studios which are intended for their 5th single.  The project is shelved.

  • On July 12th, CARUSO appears with Rick Springfield in downtown Detroit

  • Cabrini High School seniors adopt Dave's "Class Song"; Dave plays it at their commencements

  • 1st college performance: Eastern Michigan University

  • The band begins regularly mailing photo-postcards to notify their growing following of their public appearances

  • Rob Caruso, the youngest member of the band, graduates from Trenton High

Photo (l-r): Joe, Dave, Rob and Mike Caruso



5th Single:
"She's in Love With You" /


"Infectious, polished power pop...Mike, Joe, Dave and Rob deliver the hook-filled goods on "She's in Love," a catchy dance tune flashing with slick-harmony vocals and fine musicianship.
The Detroit Free Press


1st Videos:
"In the City," "Let Me Go," "She's In Love With You"
produced for NACA showcase.
Director: Dennis Hamilton.

  • Guitarist Jake Tobias joins the band

  • First out-of-state show: Hyram College in Ohio, along with WV, PA, KY, NY

  • 73 live performances this year

Photo (l-r): Mike, Rob, Joe and Dave Caruso.
Photo by Shawn Parker


"YYY," "Dance It Up"
Director: Dennis Hamilton

  • College shows now constitute most of the band's performance schedule

  • The band plays their first bar gig.

  • 126 live performances this year

Photo (l-r): Mike, Joe, Dave and Rob Caruso


Miller Music
On RCA Records

includes CARUSO's

  • Miller High Life signs CARUSO to the
    Miller Brewing Company's "Miller Rock Network"

  • Corporate sponsorship by Shure, Hamer, Ensoniq, Fostex, Zildjian, Dean Markley, others

  • The band's song, "Princess," is included on an RCA records compilation album

  • 1st Canada show: The University of Windsor

  • Overnight touring begins

  • Bars and club gigs now regularly supplement the band's tour schedule

  • 209 live performances this year

Photo (l-r): Joe, Rob, Dave and Mike Caruso

  • Out-of-state touring begins and tour lengths increase

  • "She's In Love With You" / "Princess" begins to appear on college radio charts

  • Nominated "Entertainers of
    the Year" by the NACA

  • CARUSO opens for Joan ("I Love Rock & Roll") Jett at Muskingum College in New Concord, Ohio.

  • Guitarist Bradley Davenport joins the band from June 9, 1985 to August 16, 1986

  • 241 live performances this year

Photo 1 (b&w, l-r): Dave, Rob, Joe and Mike Caruso
Photo 2 (color, l-r): Joe, Mike Rob and Dave Caruso


1st Album:
"The White Album"


"The two standout songs are 'Modern Girl,' a danceable tune, and 'Princess,' a very beautiful ballad that shows off the pleasing vocal harmonies and effective mood-setting keyboard work by Dave Caruso, who also serves as lead vocalist."
The Mellus Newspaper


Miller Music II
On RCA Records

includes CARUSO's
"She's In Love With You"


"Modern Girl,"
"She's In Love With You
(Milwaukee Version)"
Director: Kevin Mitchell

  • CARUSO celebrates their 1,000th show with a live performance at Jaggers in Waterford, MI.

  • RCA Records releases "She's in Love With You" on a new, special products album

  • NACA nominates CARUSO for their Campus Entertainment Award

  • CARUSO opens for John ("Dark Side") Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band.

  • 249 live performances this year.  The band is now on the road so often, the self-booked band creates and distributes tour itineraries for the band and crew, detailing all aspects of each road trip.

Photo 1 (l-r): Joe, Dave, Rob and Mike Caruso
Photo 2 (l-r): Joe, Mike Rob and Dave Caruso


2nd Album:
"In the Face"


"...most successful selling record by any unsigned Detroit band in the history of Harmony House."
Harmony House Distribution Director, Sandra Bean


"A fresh, unique piece of pop-rock music...the album reveals the band's talent for hitting the top 40 market...quite remarkable is the highly polished sound of the digitally mastered EP. "
The News-Herald


"Caruso has all the makings of a great pop band... The beat on 'London,' the first number on the disc and the one which has received the most air play on radio, is a fast-paced, enjoyable morsel of pop music.  It's accented with a gashing guitar and vibrant vocals...  'Young and Tender' is the strongest song on the EP... Musically, the Carusos have their house in order. Especially noteworthy are Joe Caruso's guitar and Rob Caruso's drumming.  The vocals are excellent."
The Free Press


"You only need to hear the 12" EP by the Caruso brothers "In The Face" (Caruso/Nubeat - 1987) once to sing along the chorus of the four songs on the EP. The talented Carusos Mike, Joe, Rob, led by Dave, could have achieved pop stardom in the 1980s based on their immediately contagious pop gems.

In any case, Caruso's pop potential is undeniable and is registered for the aesthetics in this record.
The four songs written by Dave Caruso (who went solo and has 1 EP and 2 wonderful albums - Power Pop Station's favorites, by the way) could have reached the hit parades, led by the super engaging and memorable "London."
Power Pop Station, 02/14/2020


6th Single:
"London" /
"Young & Tender"

  • Lee Thomas assumes the lead guitar duties for the band

  • Nominated for another Campus Entertainment Award by NACA

  • CARUSO opens for Foghat.

  • Dave gets married on September 5th.  Rob and Lee Thomas play the Genesis song, "Follow You, Follow Me" at the wedding ceremony.

  • 226 live performances this year

Photo (l-r): Mike, Dave, Joe and Rob Caruso

  • After 12 years, Dave leaves the group on January 3rd.  Lee Thomas stays on as the band's lead guitarist.

  • The band's 1,500th live performance is celebrated

  • CARUSO shares a ticket with Richard Marx at Muskingum College.

  • The brothers begin recording demos for their upcoming album.  Rob becomes the band's new lead singer and songwriter, recording demos in Dave's studio while Dave and guitarist Lee Thomas co-write a few numbers.

  • Dave plays piano bar for Colombo's restaurant.

  • Dave records 2 videos and an interview for Wyandotte Cable.

Photo (l-r): Joe Caruso, Lee Thomas, Rob and Mike Caruso


3rd Album:
"I Love You...and Other Stories"


"I Love You... features four songs written by drummer Rob Caruso.  The song titles are indicative of the Pop/Rock boy-loses-girl genre, but in the end, the hero finds his own identity and says, 'Hey, I can live without you.'"
Harmony House


7th Single:
"One of These Days" /
"One of These Days" (remix)

  • Guitarist Arnie Newman

  • 1st Issue of CARUSO band Newsletter: !Celebrate' la Vita!

  • Dave's newsletter, "Aural Contact," premieres in June

  • Guitarist Arnie Newman replaces Lee Thomas

  • The band appears on PBS TV show "Club Connect"

  • CARUSO earns a Main Stage Showcase at the NACA
    CARUSO appears at the NACA National Convention in Nashville

  • Dave begins playing solo shows at various clubs and restaurants

  • Dave warms up for the CARUSO band at their local appearances.

  • Audio sampling magazine, Transoniq Hacker adds Dave as a periodic reviewer

  • In September, Gig Magazine publishes an article by Dave about putting original songs in your live bar show

  • Dave records 2 more videos and an interview for Wyandotte cable

Photo1 (l-r): Joe, Mike and Rob Caruso, Arnie Newman
Photo 2 (l-r): Joe and Rob Caruso, Arnie Newman, Mike Caruso

  • Guitarist Allen Liggett replaces Arnie Newman

  • CARUSO opens for New Kids on the Block

  • On October 28th, The Allen Park Symphony performs a Halloween oratorio with CARUSO, written specifically around their album, "I Love You...and Other Stories."  Dave Caruso is a guest performer.  In addition to playing all of the songs from the album with special symphonic arrangements by conductor Jim Hamman, CARUSO sings Simon & Garfunkel's "Scarborough Fair."  For the encore, Joe plays a classical clarinet solo, and the group performs "London."

  • Dave continues to warm up for the band whenever they play locally, through 1991

  • Joe creates the Caruso Leadership Institute to support his growing career as an executive consultant, speaker and writer.

  • Dave's now playing his solo show several nights a week for a series of Michigan restaurants, including 71 dates for the Carlos Murphy's restaurant chain in Southfield, Michigan and Escondido, California

  • Dave performs at Michigan colleges. including Wayne State University, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Oakland Community College, Lawrence Technological Institute and Wayne State University

Photo 1 (l-r): Allen Liggett, Rob, Mike and Joe Caruso
Photo 2 (l-r): Arnie Newman, Joe, Mike and Rob Caruso
Photo 3 (l-r): Mike, Joe (seated) Rob, conductor Jim Hamman.


Video / Retrospective:
"Young and Tender"
Produced by Debbie Malchie
& Dave Caruso

  • Guitarist Randy Casquejo and keyboardist Rob Casquejo replace guitarist Allen Liggett.  Randy's band, "In Sync," had been warming up for the CARUSO band from time to time.  ("In Sync" had absolutely nothing to do with the boy band "'N Sync," which didn't form until 1995, but Randy is happy to accept full credit for them anyway.)  The CARUSO band now consists of two sets of brothers whose last names have 3 syllables, begin with a "C" and end with an "O."  (Rob Caruso: "We were brothers from different mothers.")

  • CARUSO begins frequently featuring their dad, Mickey Caruso, on trumpet

  • Roosevelt High School in Wyandotte, MI hires Rob as a percussion instructor for their marching band

Photo 1 (front row): Mike and Rob Caruso
 (back row) Rob Casquejo, Rob Caruso, and Joe Caruso
Photo 2: Rob Caruso, Randy Casquejo, Joe Caruso,
Rob Caruso (below right) and Randy Casquejo


  • Ruth Caruso, the boys' mom, loses her battle to lung cancer on March 14th.  Ruth had proudly supported her sons' band.  She was active as a school parent and she was instrumental in bringing big bands to Trenton High to perform through the Big Band Boosters organization.

  • CARUSO begins performing less often.  Rob Casquejo has remained on keyboards and Keven Holevar signs on as their new lead guitarist.

  • Dave and Rob Caruso form "Mr. Happy & The Imposters" (later shortened to just "The Imposters") with CARUSO guitarist Walter Anthony and bassist Richard "Quinn" Quenneville.  Joe Caruso and Mickey Caruso, the boys' dad, often drop by and sit in on saxophone and trumpet.  The band specializes in classic rock.

  • "A Crude Interest" gives Dave a chance to play an eclectic mix of alternative music with friends Eric Freeman (drums), Ralph Koschnitzke (keys & vocals), Tracey Flynn (vocals) and Nick Piunti (guitar).

Photo 1 (back row, l-r): Mike and Joe Caruso
(front row): Dave, Mickey, Ruth and Rob Caruso
Photo 2 - A Crude Interest (l-r): Ralph Koschnitzke, Eric Freeman, Tracey Flynn, Dave Caruso

  • Rob is married on August 7th.  The Imposters plus Joe and Mickey Caruso, J.C. Unger and others  jam at the wedding reception (above).

  • "The Imposters" perform for the last time on April 17th.

  • Rob Casquejo marks his last year with the band.

Photo (l-r): Mr. Happy & The Imposters - Richard "Quinn" Quenneville, Joe Caruso, Wally Piotrowski

  • May 15th: Mike, Joe, Dave, Rob, and their dad, Mickey Caruso, perform their first full-length show together in 8 years, in a reunion at the Sportsman's Den.  Also appearing are Walter Anthony and Rob Casquejo

  • November 5th: Mike, Dave and Rob Caruso form a trio project, called "Plan 9."  Joe and Mickey Caruso sit in as the band's horn section.

Photo 1 (l-r): Joe, Mike, Mickey and Rob Caruso
Photo 2 - Plan 9 (l-r): Rob & Dave Caruso
Photo 3 - Plan 9 (l-r): Mike & Dave Caruso

  • Dave appears semi-regularly at "The Grind" coffee house in Wyandotte, MI.  Joe, Rob and their Dad Mickey make appearances, as well as members of "A Crude Interest."

  • "CARUSO Trio," another side project, features Mike and Rob Caruso with guitarist Walter Anthony

  • Wyandotte's Roosevelt High School Marching Band promotes Rob from Percussion Instructor to Band Director

  • Natalie Caruso, Rob's first child is born on March 26th

  • Dave is divorced after 7 years of marriage

Photo (l-r): Mr. Happy - Jake Tobias and Dave Caruso


  • Dave and Rob Caruso form "Mr. Happy," a new trio with longtime CARUSO friend and guitarist Jake Tobias.  Dave learns to play bass and alternates between bass, guitar and keyboards during the show.

  • Rob calls on all band alumni from all previous years to join the current Roosevelt Marching Band in a parade.  This includes Mickey Caruso, who played the trumpet in high school at Roosevelt.

  • On August 27th, President Clinton visits Wyandotte.  Rob leads the RHS Marching Band in playing "Hail to the Chief" and Clinton shakes Rob's hand as he walks to the podium to deliver a speech.  This will be Rob's final year as Director.

  • On September 9th, Rob and his wife have a second baby, Julie.  Rob asks to be replaced in "Mr. Happy."  Jake invites Chris Wietzke to step in on drums.

  • On November 2nd, Mike, Rob and Dave join area dignitaries, clients and friends to roast their brother Joe for his birthday

  • Final issue of Dave's "Aural Contact" newsletter

Photo (l-r): Mike, Dave & Rob Caruso

  • Dave and Rob Caruso make plans to team up with friends Kevin Holevar and Keith Saxton for "H'Oliver Twist," an alternative hits band.  Before the band can have its first rehearsal, Rob receives an attractive offer for a job opportunity in Houston, Texas.

  • Mike creates a new company, The Edison House (now Michael Angelo Caruso), to promote his speaking engagements and his writing

  • Mickey Caruso, the boys' dad, dies on December 7th after an 11-week hospital stay.  Mickey had bought the band's first P.A., driven his 4 young sons to their first gigs and helped them make decisions in the music industry.  Rob and Dave sing Dan Fogelberg's "Leader of the Band" at his funeral.

  • Rob leaves Michigan and relocates with his family to Houston, Texas on December 14th

Photo (l-r): Dave, Rob, Mickey (seated).
Joe and Mike Caruso

  • Dave plays with "Mr. Happy" (the band) for the last time.  They re-group with Jeff Nolan, Diane Smith and later Tracey Flynn from "A Crude Interest."

  • A re-tooled "H'Oliver Twist" debuts in March, with John Buffa assuming the drumming responsibilities.

  • Rob plays a one-night show with "H'Oliver Twist."

Photo (l-r): H'Oliver Twist - Kevin Holevar, Keith Saxton, Dave Caruso, John Buffa




CD Single:
"Class Song"


"While some songwriters take us to a place we’ve never been before, Dave’s lyrics take us instead to places we’ve been and would like to visit again.  Listening to Class Song gives the listener exactly what Dave intended to give: a trip back to the happy and sometimes sad memories of our times together in high school."
--Art Zasadny

  • On the song's 20th anniversary, Dave Caruso releases the newly recorded "Class Song," on CD.

  • Dave creates the Aural Contact web site, which becomes, to support his original music projects.

  • Joe is married in Italy on June 25th.  Joe and his new wife, Carol, hold a Michigan reception on August 23rd.

  • Dave starts yet another band, "The Room Upstairs."  This time Dave is joined by CARUSO guitarist / alum Walter Anthony and "A Crude Interest" drummer Eric Freeman for a mix of classic rock, oldies and some alternative music.

  • Dave joins "Mr. Happy" for a reunion show at Woody's Diner in Royal Oak, MI.

  • Joe's wife Carol hires Dave as Vocal Director for musical theatre productions of "Cinderella" and "Annie" at Woodhaven High School.

Photo 1: Dave Caruso.  Photo by Larry Caruso.
Photo 2 (l-r): Rob, Dave & Mike Caruso


  • On July 7th, Joe and Rob Caruso appear with Dave Caruso & The Room Upstairs at Memorial Park in Lincoln Park, MI.

  • That same weekend, Dave and Rob play at the Allen Park Bar in Allen Park, MI

  • Dave returns to Woodhaven High School, this time as Vocal Director and Keyboardist for "Pippen"

Photo 1 (l-r): Dave and Joe Caruso.  Photo by Lori Juncaj.
Photo 2: Rob Caruso

  • Dave hosts several solo concerts at Scalicis Lounge which feature several of his band mates from "A Crude Interest" and "Mr. Happy."

  • Dave begins entertaining as a dueling pianist.  He creates a new company called  Piano Wars! to support his dueling pianos ventures.  Dave's first dueling partner is Bill Jacques.

  • Rob's company moves him to New Orleans.

  • Dave returns with "Mr. Happy" for another reunion show at Woody's Diner in Royal Oak, MI

  • Dave creates a Songwriting Workshop for young songwriters and presents it for the students at Boyd Arthurs Middle School in Trenton, MI.

Photo 1: Dave Caruso
Photo 2: Mr. Happy Reunion: Jake Tobias, Jeff Nolen, Tracey Flynn, Diane Smith, Chris Wietzke, Dave Caruso

  • On December 27th, Mike, Joe and Rob Caruso stop in to see Dave Caruso & Bill Jacques in the Piano Wars! dueling pianos show.  By this time, Dave, Rob and Joe have played together at several Piano Wars! shows and with The Room Upstairs.  The boys begin talking about a possible CARUSO reunion show.

  • Dave learns to play drums

  • More songwriting clinics by Dave at Boyd Arthurs Middle School in Trenton and Allen Park High School

  • Joe asks Dave to write and record the music theme for his Detroit Public Television WTVS 56 program, "The Power of Losing Control."  DPT likes the song and commissions Dave to write a theme for a second program.

Photo (l-r): Dave, Rob, Mike and Joe Caruso.
Photo by Lori Juncaj.


"CARUSO: The Albums,
1986 - 1989"


Video / Retrospective:
"The Boys are Back"
CARUSO / Dave Caruso

  • On July 13th, Joe, Dave and Rob Caruso host a CARUSO reunion performance at Pier 500, along with CARUSO band members Bradley Davenport, Jake Tobias, Wally Piotrowski, Rob Casquejo and special guest Nick Piunti.

  • The CARUSO band releases a compilation album called "CARUSO: The Albums, 1986-89," containing tracks from their three albums.

Photo 1 (l-r): Joe, Rob and Dave Caruso
Photo 2 (l-r): Dave and Rob Caruso
Photo 3 (l-r): Dave and Joe Caruso, Pier 500 Owner
Richard El-Awad, Rob Caruso


"Elizabeth Parker"


"Elvis Costello Alert!  Here's a guy that knows his way around a pop song!  He delivers five Brill Building-esque pop nuggets."
Kool Kat Musik


"Great EP for pure pop fans!  Payoff is big if you are a fan of early Costello, Squeeze and Joe Jackson."


"....sunny, chiming guitar melodies that are instantly catchy and accessible... the song craft is top notch."


" island of vivid colors amidst the sea of black & monotonous pop music today."
Powerpop Station


"Pop craft of a high order...  a contender on merit alone for the 2009 AbPow EP list."

  • Dave releases his CD single, "Elizabeth Parker"

  • On Saturday, July 17th, CARUSO performs at Elizabeth Park in Trenton.  The afternoon concert was sponsored by Wayne County Parks and featured Dave and Rob Caruso, Jake Tobias and Walter Anthony.

  • On that same evening CARUSO play a 2nd show at Scalici's Lounge in Allen Park, MI.

  • Rob appears with Dave for the Port Huron to Mackinac boat races.

  • Dave appears weekly at Hickey's Grill in Woodhaven, MI, Pub 13 in Ypsilanti and several other clubs, including Rum Bullions in Reno, Nevada

Photo 1 (l-r): Dave & Rob Caruso, Jake Tobias at Elizabeth Park.  Photo by Dan Drotar
Photo 2 (l-r): Dave and Rob Caruso, Jake Tobias at Scalici's
Photo 3 (l-r): Mike, Dave, Joe & Rob Caruso

  • Dave and Rob play again for the Port Huron to Mackinac Boat Races.

  • In February, Dave is promoted to dueling pianos Entertainment Director for Pub 13 in Ypsilanti, MI.

Photo (l-r): Dave and Rob Caruso.  Photo by Lori Juncaj.



  • On May 18th, Dave, Rob and Joe Caruso play to a full house at Sibley's Hotel Grill.  They perform three eclectic hour-long sets packed with some of their favorite music on piano, guitar, drums, sax and congas.

  • Rum Runners USA hires Dave as dueling pianos Entertainment Director for their Mishawaka / South Bend store

Photo 1 (l-r): Joe, Dave, Mike & Rob Caruso
Photo 2 (l-r): Joe, Rob and Dave Caruso
Photo 3 (l-r): Joe, Mike and Dave Caruso


  • On July 15, Dave, Rob and Joe Caruso return to The Pier 500 with Jason Tobias on lead guitar, Nathan Montgomery on bass and Paul Bickel on trumpet, playing songs from their anthology CD and several of their favorite covers.

  • CARUSO videos are available on YouTube.

  • Dave takes his Songwriting Clinic to the band students at Western Schools in Jackson, MI.

Photo 1 (l-r): Joe, Rob and Dave Caruso
Photo by Lori Juncaj

Photo 2 (l-r): Dave, Joe and Rob Caruso

  • For the 2008 CARUSO reunion show on August 1st, Dave and Rob Caruso bring back vocalist / bassist Richard "Quinn" Quenneville (The Imposters), guitarist and vocalist Walter Anthony (CARUSO / The Imposters / CARUSO Trio / The Room Upstairs), drummer Eric Freeman (A Crude Interest / The Room Upstairs) and guitarist Lee Thomas (CARUSO).  Joe Caruso adds sax and guitar to several tunes.

  • At Rum Runners in South Bend, Dave played a 1-hour Storyteller concert on May 8th, mixing original music with personal stories for the intimate Indiana crowd.

  • Dave celebrates 3500 performances

Photo 1 (l-r): Dave Caruso, Richard "Quinn" Quenneville, Photo by Lori Juncaj
Lee Thomas, Rob Caruso, Walter Anthony
Photo 2 (l-r): Dave, Joe and Rob Caruso
Photo 3: Dave Caruso


Video / Retrospective:
"Elizabeth Parker"
Dave Caruso


Video / Retrospective:
CARUSO / Dave Caruso

  • CARUSO Reunion with Mike, Joe, Dave & Rob (first time in 15 years!)  The band of brothers joins 7 other bands in honoring their good friend, Dan Drotar at the Pier 500 in Wyandotte, MI.

  • Dave Caruso releases his first solo CD, "Elizabeth Parker."  Several power pop blogs post glowing reviews.

Photo (l-r): Mike, Dave, Joe and Rob Caruso
Original photo by Dan Drotar


  • Dave plays in Michigan, Vermont, New York, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Texas while racking up a career total of 3,800 shows

  • Dave and Rob Caruso host a holiday jam at Malarkey's in Southgate, MI on December 27th.

Photo 1 (l-r): Rob & Dave Caruso
Photo 2 (l-r): Rob & Dave Caruso
Photo 3 (l-r): Dave & Rob Caruso
Photos by Lori Juncaj



"CARUSO: The 80s

  • On January 12th, "CARUSO: The 80s Remastered," a completely remastered version of "The Albums, 1986 - 1989," is released.

  • On January 13th, Dave returns to Boyd Arthurs Middle School to discuss songwriting with Mr. Kopera's music composition  class.  This time, Dave compared different aspects of songwriting to the preparation and enjoyment of food.

  • Rob and Dave Caruso reunite on May 20th at Wyandotte's Yack Arena, along with CARUSO Band alum Walter Anthony on guitar and friend Jeff Nolen on bass.

  • Dave clocks in with his 4,000th career performance

  • In August, Dave plays in Montana for the first time

Photo 1 (l-r): Mike, Dave, Joe & Rob Caruso
Photo 2 (l-r): Walter Anthony, Jeff Nolen, Dave & Rob Caruso
Photo 3 (l-r): Walter Anthony, Jeff Nolen, Rob & Dave Caruso
Photos 2 & 3 by Lori Juncaj


  • Dave racks up a career total of 4200+ shows while working in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska in 2012.

  • For his 5th songwriting clinic at Boyd Arthurs Middle School on October 15th, Dave challenges Mr. Kopera's music composition class to consider "What makes a song original?"  He plays examples from popular music and his own forthcoming album using guitar, piano, vocal and audio samples to demonstrate creative concepts for writing, arranging and recording original songs.  Two students won copies of Dave's "Elizabeth Parker" CD for their participation.


  • Dave speaks to Mr. Kopera's Music Compostion class at Boyd Arthur's Middle School.  Using "Your Fake Friends" and "Champion" as examples, he talks with the students about songwriting form and fields their questions about writing and performing.

  • T.V.'s Grand Event (the Trenton Grand Hotel in Trenton, MI) hosts a retrospective solo concert of Dave's music, featuring sneak previews from his upcoming album, plus songs from previous CDs, Elizabeth Parker and CARUSO: The 80s Remastered.



"Cardboard Vegas Roundabout"


Best Albums of 2014, #6
Best Songs of 2014, #7 (The Art of Erica)

Jeffrey Raskin / Pop That Goes Crunch


Best Albums of 2014
Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More Show


21 Favorite Records of 2014
Alan Haber / Pure Pop Radio

  • Dave returms for several engagements at TV's Grand Event in Trenton, Michigan and appears for several shows in Waterford, MI.
  • In July, Dave launches a music store at  The first two items for sale are his new CD and promotional poster. 
  • On August 1st, Dave releases his new album, "Cardboard Vegas Roundabout."
  • In January, Dave launches monthly "Live To Your Living Room" music parties (streaming concerts).

  • TV's Grand Event books Dave for more shows in February and April.

  • Dave is invited to play at the prestigious International Pop Overthrow - Detroit music festival on April 4th.

  • April 5th marks the 40th anniversary of CARUSO's first paid engagement.

  • Dave and the CARUSO band appear at the Trenton Summer Festival's 40th anniversary on June 26th.

  • Dave writes and records "Listen To This."  Host Jeffrey Raskin chooses it as the theme song for "The Big Show," his melodic pop music discovery program on "Pop That Goes Crunch" radio.

  • Jim Prell interviews Dave on The Music Authority.

  • Dave is invited for an interview and performance on "Friday Night Live with Jill & The A-List" at Cave Radio Broadcasting.

  • "Your Fake Friends" is tied for 10th most-played song on "This Is Rock 'N' Roll Radio" with Dana & Carl.

Photo 1: Dave at International Pop
Overthrow - Detroit
Photo 2: Dave's StageIt Show
Photo 3 (l-r): Dave Caruso, Rob Caruso,
Arnie Newman & Kevin Holevar at
the Trenton Summer Festival
Photo 4 (l-r): Dave Caruso & Kevin Holevar
at the Trenton Summer Festival
Photo 5 & 6 (l-r): Kevin Holevar &
Dave Caruso at CRB Studios

  • Rewind 94.3 invites Dave to co-host the Dance Hall Days radio show with Brad & Rik.  The theme is "Pop Goes the 80s" and Dave provides some of his favorite 80s tracks, plus music by CARUSO and his own songs.

  • Dave hosts his own radio show, "My WAVlength," on Pop That Goes Crunch.  Each installment features songs sharing a musical theme, with comments from Dave.

  • International Pop Overthrow-Detroit kicks off on April 7th.  Dave is the first artist scheduled to perform.

  • In September, Asher School in Southgate, Michigan hosts Dave's new weekly, 6-part songwriting course, "The Secrets To Better Songwriting."



"Buddha Pesto Manifesto"


#9 Power Pop Album of 2017
--Richard Rossi / Power Pop News


Top 13 Essential Tracks for 2017
--Rick Warhall / Chasing the Essential:


#17 Top Albums of 2017
--Paolo Milea / Power Pop Station


18 Favorite Albums of 2017
Alan Haber / Pure Pop Radio


#60 Top 100 of 2017
Stephen Ferra / Absolute Powerpop

  • WHFR host Phil Maq interviews Dave and plays several of his songs on March 20th.

  • Allendale Elementary School asks Dave to participate in Career Day.

  • Dave is now teaching 3 songwriting courses at Southgate Asher School.

  • The Hangabouts invite Dave to join them for a live show at Dexter Days on August 8th.

  • Dave appears at Tour de Ile, a bike ride in Grosse, Ile, Michigan.

  • Dave stops by Rewind 93.4 to appear as a guest and play a few live songs on the Strange Magic radio show.  The show's theme is "Piano Men."

  • On October 30th, Dave releases a new album: "Buddha Pesto Manifesto."

  • On January 24th, Alan Haber interviews Dave on "Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation."

  • In February, Dave appears on "Behind the Mic," with Pam Rossi.

  • In March, Dave launches "Songwriter Stories," an interview and music discovery podcast.  His inaugural guest is Tony Macaulay, who co-wrote "Build Me Up, Buttercup."

  • In May, Dave receives his 100th song copyright.

  • June finds Dave focusing more heavily on his video channel at  By year's end, it will be the home of almost 100 music videos.

  • Mike Caruso, Rob Caruso and Dave Caruso unite for a "Saturday Morning Live" Facebook video call, during which they share stories about the CARUSO band.

  • Dave creates 4 more songwriting courses for Asher School in Southgate, Micihgan: "Rewriting to Improve Your Songs," Music Theory & Ear Training for Songwriters," "Arranging for Songwriters," and "Songwriting CSI."

  • On 09/29, Dave and Rob Caruso perform in Grosse Ile in a show called "Rock on the Grass."

  • During the week of 10/21, Dave's album, "Buddha Pesto Manifesto," reaches the #1 album position on the Top 10 Albums chart by Phil Maq of WHFR.  BPM stays on the chart for 10 weeks.

  • As Songwriter Stories reaches its 14th episode, it continues to build its guest list and appears on PlayerFM's 2019 "Best Songwriting Podcasts" and Feedspot's 2019 "Top 20 Songwriting Audio Podcasts."  College radio show "Indie Pop Takeout" and the "Chasing the Essential" podcast regularly feature nods to Songwriter Stories.

  • Dave subs on keyboards for Detroit-based dance hits band, Fifty Amp Fuse.

  • By year's end, Dave has created over 100 hours of class material for 14 different eight-week courses for his community education series, "The Secrets to Better Songwriting."  He has taught these courses for 7 semesters in Southgate, Michigan and led his first course in Dearborn this year.


  • Album:
    Radiophonic Supersonic"


    #8 Best Power Pop Album of 2020
    --Power Pop News


    Top 10 Songs of 2020 (Little Miss Sunshine)
    --Hop On Power Pop


    Top 15 Essential Tracks for 2020
    --Chasing the Essential


    #19 Best Power Pop Album of 2020
    --Power Pop Station


    #23 Top 100 Albums of 2020
    --Absolute Powerpop


    Top 25 Albums & EPs of 2020
    --Indie Pop Takeout


    Top 50 Albums of 2020
    --Pop Forever

  • Dave's first album is reissued as "Elizabeth Parker Revisited," featuring remixed and remastered tracks.

  • With the help of guests like Marshall Crenshaw and Vicki Peterson of the Bangles, Dave's Songwriter Stories podcast racks up 23 episodes in its third year.

  • During the COVID 19 pandemic, "The Secrets to Better Songwriting" goes online for the first time.  Dave has created and led a total of 16 course titles.

  • Elizabeth Parker, Your Fake Friends, Boomer, Letter To My Ex and Throwing Out My Baby With the Bassinet are latest of more than 100 music videos at Dave's YouTube channel.

  • Dave joins Bandcamp.

  • Dave becomes a full-time, private teacher of piano and guitar.


  • Dave Caruso Music Publishing is created at ASCAP & SoundExchange.

  • Dave expands his music teaching practice to 30 piano and guitar students.

  • The Secrets To Better Songwriting has grown to 20 courses which Dave has taught in Southgate and Dearborn, Michigan.  Wayne County Community College picks up one of Dave's songwriting courses, and Dave continues to lead his classes across the country using Zoom.

  • Piano Wars!, Dave's dueling pianos entertainment company, celebrates 20 years in business.

  • On his Songwriter Stories podcast, Dave interviews Matthew Sweet and Jon Auer of The Posies.

  • Dave logs over 5,000 lifetime performances.

  • As a music educator, Dave has led 230 hours of his own songwriting and music course material for adult community education classes in three Michigan cities as well as online.

  • Southgate, Michigan Adult Education offers multiple sessions of Dave's new group class, Guitar Basics.

  • Dave Caruso, Summer in the Park: The 60s, the 70s, & Me -- an outdoor concert on August 11th -- features Dave's favorite music from the era, interspersed with his own songs.

  • Dave's YouTube channel surpasses 87,000 views.



In the Face
35th Anniversary


Favorite EPs, Reissued & Rediscovered Albums & Singles of  2023
--Power Pop Overdose

  • The 1987 CARUSO album, "In the Face" is reissued with 12 additional rare, live, remix and bonus tracks.

  • Dave teaches his 11th semester of adult community education classes in Southgate, with his updated class for beginner guitarists, Guitar Basics, and his 21st songwriting class, The Rhythm of Songwriting.